The works of H. G. Wells joined the public domain in Europe on 1st Jan this year … so it seemed rude to let that milestone pass without taking on something of his. The existing recordings of War of the Worlds at LibriVox were both over 10 years old, so I decided that was a good one to pick. Ably abetted by David and Dave, on coordination and proof-listening duties respectively, this was a relatively quick project, starting on 24/8 and launching on 8/10 (46 days all told.) It runs slightly under 7 hours.

It was no small bother trying to avoid echoing Richard Burton’s ringing tones, where Jeff Wayne’s version had used the text word-for-word, but listening to his outtakes did help a little.

You can listen to the first section here, or visit the LibriVox catalogue or to download files in various formats.


Should you wish, there’s a drinking game to be found in his use of the word ‘tumult’ … he must’ve won a Scrabble game with it or something, because he loves it unreasonably.

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  1. Bobby P.

    I started listening to your reading of The War of the Worlds the moment I found it. I’m picky about female readers on Librivox, but I rather like listening to you read. I was excited to see you had read H.G. Wells- who is one of my favorite writers. Your voice is so deliciously soothing, I could listen to you read nearly anything. Tonight I’m listening to your reading of The Secret Agent- Conrad is another favorite of mine. Thanks for your efforts, and sharing these excellent books.

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