Attention all fans of E. Nesbit – I’ve just finished my latest LibriVox solo, and it’s her mini autobiography My School Days. It’s very short, just a bit over two hours, and as she writes towards the end, covers only a few incidents from an astonishingly clearly-remembered childhood. Places that she lived, games that she played – and the things that scared her enough to give her nightmares for years — and to influence her wonderful horror stories for adults. She wasn’t always a very good child, and her honesty about that really does make for interesting stories!

I wish she’d written more! What she did write is available as a free audiobook downloadable here:

Or listen to the first chapter:
[audio:] (9:18min)

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  1. Peter


    Thanks for recording this. I’m listening to it as I’ve enjoyed reading some of her other books. Just one small comment – it’s hard to believe that I must be getting old as there are now educated British adults like you who don’t know from personal acquaintance that twopence is not pronounced “toop’nce” but “tupp’nce”. Although I was only 4 when we lost the old money I do remember the conversion posters in shops for decimalisation, and my late mother steadfastly opposed the use of “two-pee” etc for the new currency. So I still say a penny, tuppence and thruppence! I don’t say “five and twenty past” and “five and twenty to” the hour though, as she did!

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