I’ve recently found that my first commercial audiobook recording was released at audible.co.uk in late November — I finished production at the start of November, and was puzzling over what was taking it so long to be made public. Anyway, Hooray!!

It does include the most epic misspelling of my name to date, but hopefully that’ll be sorted out between the publisher and Audible soon. In the meantime, I’m marvelling over how quickly I read in the sample (it’s not a good thing, really, I must work on slowing down just a little) … and loving seeing my hard work available. I’ve never recorded a whole book in such a (relatively) short space of time before, it was quite an experience.

Audible.co.uk link | Audible.com link

I just discovered the audible.com link; same name misspelling, completely different pricing, and a semi-okay review (nice for me, but not going to improve sales overall.) Ah well.

My next commercial recording is completely different – watch this space.

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  1. John

    Cori– Don’t let the review get you down. You have a wondeful voice. Keep at it! Any author would be lucky to have you read for him.

  2. Cori

    Thankyou John! It is nice to be reading for live authors, that’s one good thing about it. I think I’ve only been in touch with one so far (not Marjorie), but that was lovely, and it added a new dimension to the whole process. Not that I don’t love my dead authors too, but that’s different.

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