The second of the December Madness LV community podcasts is out … petit and bijou at 13min 30sec, I didn’t get as much content as I’d hoped for, but it means I can do some New Release promotions and play a few bloopers (including a silly one of my own from Gibbon’s Decline & Fall.) I totted up the time my podcasts fill, and it’s now 7hrs 4min … that’s across 20 releases (I don’t like really long podcasts, I get fidgetty listening to them, let alone inflicting them on the world myself.)

LibriVox Community Podcast #92 (13:30min)

I’ve also contributed a couple of readings to a lovely collection of kids’ stories: Childhood’s Favorites and Fairy Stories by Various. Some of them are rather old-fashioned in their moralising grimness but the one I recorded was plain randomtastic. (Note: story may contain badgers.) I also recorded the Introduction, not terribly exciting.

The Accomplished and Lucky Teakettle (4:16min)

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  1. Sonu yadav

    Hi Cori, your voice is very-very sweet, easy-to-understand and I love it. Do you sing? would love to listen if you.

  2. Cori

    Hi Sonu, thanks for your comment! No, I don’t sing — at least, not outside the shower. I think there’s some humming and bits of songs in some of the Community Podcasts, but no complete songs. I’m not very good at keeping to the tune the composer intended. 😉

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