My first recording in weeks … and is it the Gibbon I owe..?  No.  A bit of J.S. Mill..?  Nope.  More Elegaic Sonnets..?  Unfortunately not.

It’s the first fifty digits of pi, read in a single breath (for one file) and in the World’s Most Awful Pirate “Accent” (separate file, and you’ll have to look it up if you care, I refuse to link such dreadfulness directly.)  I’m not the only fruit-cake around, there are 54 other variations on the theme.  Almost completely pointless (especially for people living in countries where the date will never read 3/14), but a huge amount of fun to put together.  And if anyone ever DOES find a good use for this little lot, I’d love to know about it!

Should this, however, merely have whetted your appetite for number recitals, you can find a great recording of the first one-thousand pi digits in the Insomnia Collection.  ’nuff said.

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  1. 月落

    Though I did not collate digitally.
    But I listen to and have no noise in the whole course.

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