This was a very random idea on Saturday morning, just before a very busy day offline commenced.  “Hey, no-one’s gotten dibs on this week’s podcast.  What could I do … hmm … ah, I know: something with crazy sci-fi sound effects.”  By that evening, I had some support for it … by Sunday morning I had 4 interviewees lined up … and the audio parts for all 6 people was downloaded ready for editing by Monday evening.  It took until Wednesday night to work out how to fit Holst in … and actually, the way that turned out was plain serendipity. 

Though, GOODNESS, do these things take a long time to put together!  28 mins of audio = the larger part of several hours of tinkering about with it.

Notes on the show and credits

Direct download link (25.6MB)

And SFFaudio are among the first people to hear and comment on it — which is particularly nice, since I gave them a good plug for the lovely work they do in reviewing and promoting our recordings (in amongst many other people’s, of course.)

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  1. hugh

    this american life, the famous and wonderful radio show, spends 50person-hours for 10 minutes of edited audio (!!!).


    have not listened to the scifi episode yet, but i look forward to it…

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